Interns Log: Day 1

and so the first day of my internship at Crossway Church is complete. and it has been entertaining to say the least, full of threats and pickings galore. The youth pastor (Namely Brian for future reference) opened his lovely home to me for the first night. Then he hacked my computer from 10 ft. away while I was still using it…I’m ashamed. Then I moved all my things to the church, went to a meeting, got a church email, and went on an errand here and there. I’ve already met lots of new people. and so, the adventure continues tomorrow at 6:30!! lol


William Burke Fitz Simmons.

I may have only met him when I was a baby, and I might not remember much of him. but without a doubt, I wouldn’t be here without him. It was one of those mother/son talks when I got home from work tonight, about life, what’s coming up soon, and what might happen. Then we got on to the subject of family. It really sucks that some family members don’t even talk to others, then when they are gone, you’re either filled with regrets that you can’t ever get rid of, or you just don’t care. (which makes you suckish in my book) Burke was one of those family members that kind of got the short end of the stick from what I’ve heard. Now that he’s gone, I REALLY wish I had been older when he was here. I wish I could have gotten to know him at a time in my life that I would remember it and it would benefit me. I know I took my first steps in his house, and I know that he helped my mom on several occasions, and from what mom tells me, he was a great man. I really wish I could tell him to his face, or even in a letter, how much I appreciate everything he did for my mom and me. and I wish I could have gotten to know him better and let him be one of the ones that cheers me on as I walk across that stage at my graduation. and I hope he’s proud of who I’ve become and the life I’m living. All I can say is thank you, and it doesn’t begin to break the surface of the gratitude I have.

So thank you Great(and I do mean GREAT)-Grandpa


so uhhhh…I’m awake…really really tired…and now it’s time to go be productive…peace peeps!!

soo sleep deprivation wasn’t on my schedule at all this weekend was fantastic, saturday night’s concert went fantasmiclly lol time for sleep

Reflecting on Life and Such Things…

You know how a lot of teenagers say “I’m grown!” (Yeah, yeah I know I’m one of them) well…I was at work today (the thing about a slow day is that you get a HECK of a lot of thinking done lol) and I got to thinking about that. And I thought to myself, maybe I’m not grown, but I sure have grown. Looking back at who I was a year ago and then back to now, or even six months ago to now…I’m a completely different person! If I look in the mirror, I’m nowhere near the same curly headed, fame obsessed, wanna be rock star kid I was. When you go on a youth trip you always get that very, very cliché prayer “God let us be changed for your glory, and let it stick with us and not be a temporary high…” and then you go and hang with your buddies and see how many numbers you can get from random girls that are there that you more than likely won’t see again in your whole life hahaha. But even with that prayer I don’t think I can attribute this freakish change of personality, character, and attitude to a youth trip alone. This was a straight up act of the one and only almighty God. It takes more than a speaker, some fancy lights, and some loud music to change a self centered, popularity driven, stage loving teenager into a freakin homebody who thinks it’s NUTS that he’s playing his guitar in front of like 1000 people this weekend. But for real! You know something is up when your best friend (9 times out of 10 the person who knows you the best) thinks there’s something wrong with you and that you’re acting off your rocker after a day of hanging with you. I used to be all about hanging with as many people as I could, as much as I could. My weekends consisted of sleeping, eating, and going to someone else’s house to chill with a crowd. Now…yeah my weekends exist, and that’s about their livelihood…I mean come on! I’m like a stranger in my own life!! What the heck is up with that? Although it’s weird, I really kind of like it. I don’t strive for the attention of people I used to…and when I look at it I think “why did I ever want their attention?” I was talking to a good friend from out of town the other day and we were talking about how I wanted to take a trip to visit, and how he needs to come visit here too and he asked a really random slightly weird question, He asked “Petie, do you have friends in SC?” and I laughed and said “Yeah why do you ask?” his answer? “because most people who have plenty of friends where they live don’t bother hanging out with people from out of town as much as you do” then I thought about it…HE’S RIGHT, I’ve become completely detached from my old life, it’s all just a routine. I just go where I go because that’s where I’m used to going. Which is sick and so, so wrong, life should never be a routine, that totally ruins the fun of it. I guess I really am a new creature nowadays

“17Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”

-2 Corinthians 5:17

I guess this means a new chapter in my life is starting as this one closes, and I really LOVE how God can change me in a matter of weeks if he so chooses. I’m mad excited for what God has planned for me (and my family too) and I hope all that read this (regardless of how confusing or redundant or lame this may be) will continue to pray with, and for me as life goes on and ministries and opportunities open up for me.

Thanks to all who have helped make me who I am today. :)


woooo! I’m mad tired yo!!

well…schools almost over, I’m mad tired, and then I have to go to work…story of my life…

time to go to work…off at 3…peace peeps…